Student VoicES

aLEJANDRO, Balboa hs

Upward Bound

"Upward Bound gave me countless resources that helped pave my path. Through the Saturday colleges, field trips, and summer program, I was able to grow as a person and student."


Upward Bound

"Being a low-income first generation college student, JCYC has made an impact on me by surrounding me with people that have the same background as me. JCYC has a lot of diversity in their program so I’m happy to say that I can actually be friends and be close with people with the same race as me and people that are very different from me. It also made in impact on me by building a bond with the advisors and the members in the program especially the summer program."

kYRA, Jefferson hs

ETS High School

"JCYC provided so many resources for me. I didn’t have to pay for the SAT because they gave me fee waivers, they helped me find and apply for scholarships, and have increased my knowledge about college. JCYC provided me with a support system."


ETS High School

"JCYC ETS made a really positive impact on my life and motivation because the program and my advisor got rid of that idea in my head that you have to be this “GREAT” student to go to college. And I got to meet new people from other schools who have similar experiences to me. Before joining JCYC ETS, I wasn’t really motivated about college, but after all the programming and one-on-one advising sessions, I became really invested in the entire process. JCYC offered me so much support that I ended up applying 20+ colleges and even though the process was really scary, I felt really confident after applying. Without JCYC, I wouldn’t be as proud of myself as I am now."

darren, thomas r. pollicita

ETS Middle School

"JCYC helped me start thinking about college a lot. The presentations, field trips, and there is even a scholarship that helps you with college tuition."

Anthony, aptos ms

SFCAC Middle School

Anthony is a recipient of our 529 Scholarship Program. The scholarship “will help me go on and make my dream to work as a doctor come true so I can heal people."

"JCYC has taken me high school field trips to see in what school I’m interested in going and JCYC provides us food”.