Meet the Consortium Members

SFCAC services focuses on coordination, enhancement, and collaboration. We do this successfully through the Consortium, which is made up of representatives from SFUSD, local universities, and community based organizations, who all have input in the way SFCAC delivers services.

Renee Stephens, Chair

Admissions & Outreach Counselor, Educational Opportunity & Pathways Program
San Francisco State University

Alyssa Yee

Admissions Counselor
University of San Francisco

Anya Gurholt

    Supervisor, College and Career Readiness
       San Francisco Unified School District 

Dr. Glennda Bivens

Deputy Director & Director of College Prep Programs
University of California, San Francisco

Jennifer Quevedo

Director, High School Programs
City College of San Francisco

Perry Im

Director, Maisin Scholars
10,000 Degrees

Shane Nichols

College & Career Office Advisor
Jefferson High School

  Tanya Enriquez

Program Director

       JCYC staff

Arleen Garcia

      Associate Director, San Francisco Cal-SOAP & Educational Talent Search

Gina Gutierrez

Program Director, College Access Programs

Jackie Lam

Associate Director, Upward Bound

Emalyn Lapus

Administrative Director, College Access Programs